Message from the President 「会長からのメッセージ」

Firstly we are a family, secondly we are an international traditional martial art federation. Our members are proud to belong to our federation and we treat our members with respect as we would family members.

The Renmei proudly has 27 countries that have member groups, in three continents. Our members are traditional/classical martial artists who seek to unite in friendship, and exchange knowledge.

We are constantly seeking groups and individuals who meet our standards so we may offer them membership to one of the world's largest traditional martial arts organisations. Membership is FREE…

We have the standards of old Japan/Okinawa.

Please contact us if you feel you or your group may be suitable candidates.


Stephen Grayston
スティーヴン • グレイストン
会長 NPO古道武徳連盟
Kodō Butoku Renmei