Promotion Announcement


With the very sad loss of our former Vice President Santo Castoro-meijin back in September 2018, we were left with a vacant position in the Renmei.

Effective today, 4th January 2019 William Stockey-meijin (USA) has been promoted to the position of  Fuku-kaichō (Vice President) of Kodō Butoku Renmei . We wish to make it very clear, this is not like a corporate gestu

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Bucho for Pakistan

We are pleased to announce that Kashif Ali-senssei has been appointed as the Bucho for Pakistan. We look forward to working with Ali-sensei to promote our work of building friendships and preserving traditional martial arts in the region. 

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11th Kodosai - 2019

Tickets for our international martial arts seminar 'Kodosai Cultural Event' are now on sale.


Visit for further details.

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I am incredibly saddened to announce that Santo Salvatore Castoro-meijin has passed away this morning.

Castoro-meijin was the Global Vice-President of Kodō Butoku Rennei, holding the role of Head of Italy for many years. He also headed the World Jujitsu Ryu group in Marsala, Sicily. 

My condolences to his family, friends and to everyone in the martial arts community who were lucky to know him.

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Kodosai Cultural Event - 2019

Our flagship event for 2019, the Kodosai Cultural Event has been booked for the Holiday Inn from the 4th to the 6th October.

Further details about tickets will be made available on the Kodosai website in the Autumn.

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Taikai 2018 - Marsala, Sicily

The UK team at Kodo Butoku Renmei are very excited to be attending the 5th Taikai in Marsala, Sicily in June 2018.

A delegation of 25 participants from the UK will be attending, along with representatives from the USA.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Sold out x 3!



For the third time running - the Kodōsai International Martial Arts Course & Japanese Cultural Event (hosted by Kodō Butoku Renmei) has SOLD OUT. Thank you to our members for their loyal support.

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Kodosai Ticket Deadline: 31st July 2017

As a reminder to all, Kodosai Cultural Event tickets will be removed from sale at midnight on 31st July 2017.

If you wish to attend, please purchase your ticket online at

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We are proud to announce that Japán Budo Magyarországon have joined our organisation as representatives of Hungary. The group is co-ordinated by Dr Szépvölgyi Géza 8th Dan Ju-Jitsu - a very warm welcome to our new friends in Hungary!

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Happy 4th July!

A very happy 4th of July to all of our members in the United States! We know they are really busy planning for the first ever US Gasshuku, so we look forward to being able to give you more updates shortly!

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Kodōsai Preparation

The whole of the team behind the scenes are working diligently on making the 10th Kodōsai the biggest we've ever had. Feel free to check out the website at

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Eric Williams stands down

Eric Williams-sensei (Former Buchō for Wales) resigned yesterday due to work committments. We all wish him well for the future and the position will remain open for a while is case his circumstances change.

Grayston-meijin said, "He is a good friend and I am sorry he has made the decision, but do understand his reasons."

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The loss of a dear friend...

The loss of a dear friend...

At the 8th Kodō Butoku Renmei Kodōsai event in 2013, we had the privilege to present our friend Jacquline Strode-kyōshi with her 8 Dan, she was training for many, many years, even when it was unheard of to see a female training. Her hard work paid off, for she became the highest ranking female in the Federation, and many, including our family, respected her wise contribution at meetings and her incredible compassionate view of the w

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Gala Award Winners!


Presented at the 9th Kodōsai International Martial Arts Course & Japanese Cultural Event. Congratulations to all those who won awards. 

1. The President’s Award - Ignazio Coppola-hanshi 

2. Lifetime Achievement Award - Castoro Santo-meijin 

3. Lifetime Achievement

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Shihankai Meeting

Kodō Butoku Renmei Shihankai (comprising of Buchō, Shibuchō, and other seniors) will hold a meeting at the 9th Kodōsai International Martial Arts Course & Japanese Cultural Event to be staged at the Holiday Inn, Basildon, Essex., 2nd - 4th October 2015

If you are invited to this meeting, you will be informed. 

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Sold Out Again!

Kodōsai Sold Out Again!

Kodō Butoku Renmei's flagship event - 'Kodōsai Cultural Event' has SOLD OUT for the second consequtive time in the event's history! 

Not only is that the training with the international masters and teachers, but also the black tie Gala Awards Banquet and the Participants' party!

Bradley Grayston-kyōshi (Event Director) said, "We were not suprised after the re

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Kodosai Teams Meeting

Kodōsai Teams Meeting


Those members have have been invited to the teams meeting this weekend are advised to bring pen and paper, or a method or recording, as the Event Directors will be doing a run-through of the schedule.

Thank you

Hombu Office

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Appointment (Cuba)

Appointment (Cuba)

It is our pleasure to announce that I am appointing Yumak F. Alonso as Head of the Aiki arts in Cuba.

This appointment is made in consultation and approval of the president Grayston-meijin.

William Stockey

Meijin Buchō USA

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New Regional Centre

New Regional Centre

For Courses and Seminars

Kodō Butoku Renmei (England) are pleased to announce that Stringer Ryu Judadō are currently buiding a full-time academy in Derby and have consented for the academy to also be used as a Regional Centre for Kodō Butoku Renmei (England)  to conduct Kyū/Dan Shinsa and Courses/Seminars.


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President receives award


The President of Kodō Butoku Renmei (Stephen Grayston-meijin) received a 'Special Award' from the Mayor of Basildon - Cllr Mo Larkin, BEM, JP. on 6th March 2015 at the Mayor's Charity Black Tie Ball that was held at Stock Brook Country Club, Stock, Essex.

Madam Mayor Larkin said, "This award recognises the support and work that Stephen does in the community."


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型 Kata - the structure

型 Kata - the structure (Article by Stephen Grayston - Kaichō)

  1.  分解 Bunkai (Disassembly) This could also be called analysis, but I want you to think of it as breaking down 'sections' for analysis. Each movement in a kata has a purpose (even transitional movements). Don't take a simply glance at movements. Be analytical in your approach, try to notice every detail.
  2. 分析 Bunseki (Analysis)
    Once we have a sequence of say,
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Appointments (UK)

The UK Board (Shihankai) for 2015 are being notified by email.

Members for 2015 are:

● Stephen Grayston-meijin (Chairman UK Shihankai)
● John Strode-hanshi
● Gary Stringer-hanshi
● Anthony Cox-hanshi (England Buchō)
● Mark Shelley-hanshi
● Lloyd Allum-hanshi
● Dave Atkins-hanshi (England Fukub

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