Country positions of Kodō Butoku Renmei


There are over 27 countries (in four continents) involved in the federation:-


会長 Kaichō: Stephen Grayston-meijin (Honbu)

副会長 Fukukaichō: William Stockey-meijin

部長 Buchō USA: William Stockey-meijin

部長 Buchō Italy: Ignazio Coppola-hanshi

部長 Buchō Japan: Yamada Yasunari-renshi

部長 Buchō UAE: Mounir Ghwari-shihan

部長 Buchō Slovakia: Igor Vakos-sensei

部長 Buchō England: Anthony Cox-hanshi

部長 Buchō Bosnia and Herzegovenia: Mirsad Lisic-renshi

部長 Buchō Canada: Sean Wong-kyōshi

部長 Buchō Cuba: Yumak Alonso-shihan

部長 Buchō Chile: Jorge Chappuzeau-sensei

部長 Buchō Philippines: Patrick Fallay-sensei

部長 Buchō Spain: Jose Acevedo-kyōshi

部長 Buchō Wales: Keith Morgan-shihan

部長 Buchō Puerto Rico: Roberto Martinez-kyōshi

部長 Buchō Denmark: Mikal Anderson-shihan

部長 Buchō South Africa: Buddy Govender-sensei

部長 Buchō Greece: George Evangelidakis-sensei

部長 Buchō Austria: Hans Georg Bilazewski-shihan

部長 Buchō Russia: Iliah Turchaninov-sensei

部長 Buchō Norway: Morten de Lange-sensei

部長 Buchō Portugal: Miguel Dias-sensei

部長 Buchō Zambia: Jonathan Kruger-sensei

部長 Buchō Australia: Michael Creedy-sensei

部長 Buchō Turkey: Gustavo Albear-shihan

 部長 Buchō Hungary: Dr. Szépvölgyi Géza-shihan

部長 Buchō Pakistan: Kashif Ali-sensei

SPECIAL ADVISOR: DEMURA FUMIO-SHIHAN 10 Dan Kodō Butoku Renmei (9 Dan Genbukai).



There are several other countries at application status, and there should be new members from these countries in months to come. Unfortunately, you cannot simply apply to join Kodō Butoku Renmei, you have to be asked to join by a member in good standing. After this, you need the approval of the Shibuchō (Branch Director) in your area (if there is one). If not, the Buchō for that country will make the decision. Membership is free, we ask no yearly membership payment, and we are a non profit-making organisation.