Welcome to Kodō Butoku Renmei (Old Ways Martial Virtues Federation), for some of you who may be new to the federation I'll try and give you some of our history.

In 1994 our President was asked to form a multi-art traditional martial art organisation to umbrella the many friends he had around the world who had become somewhat despondent with the politics of the groups they belonged to. He began to think how we could form a modern thinking group based on the traditional values of Japan and Okinawa's past. It took him until 2002 before we were ready to announce the group and move forward.

In the initial years, several tried to manipulate the organisation to their own ends and owing to this set-back, in 2007 we abolished membership fees in order that those seeking financial gain in our federation would find nothing. And, to ensure that the federation was not manipulated again, the President was appointed as permanent life-time President and the Shihankai (Board of Masters) would assume the management function for the federation, with each country running their own affairs without hindrance from the honbu (headquarters). Each country is also financially independent.

We are a traditional martial arts organisation for the traditional/classical martial arts. We do not offer insurance, licence books, or get involved in your class/parent group politics. Our purpose is to unite traditional/classical martial artists and help to build new friends by our popular KODŌSAI event and our many other courses (stages) and seminars.

We set standards that others simply 'hope' to attain. Standards that are the old ways of Japan - but for the modern world we live in...

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